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Moon Palace / Chapter Summaries / Chapter Three

The third chapter of Paul Austers “Moon Palace” deals with Marcos recovery after he was found and rescued by Zimmer and Kitty. Marco stays the following weeks at Zimmers place. While he’s still very weak and unable to move much Kitty visits him two times a week. Then she suddenly stops coming. Accidentally Marco remembers about his physical examination, which he has to do at the following day. He goes to the draft. But because of his fatal condition at that time he’s sorted out and hasn’t to go to the military. Through Zimmer, he learns something about Kitty and her past. But he can’t imagine that she could have fallen in love with him. As time went by, he starts feeling uncomfortable with Zimmer footing the bill for his recovery. Marco decides to find a job to pay off his debt. He starts to translate a French text for Zimmer. While he’s working at the translation, he suddenly meets Kitty in a little park near Zimmers apartment. They start an affair. After Marco finishes the translation, he celebrates this success with Zimmer and Kitty at the Moon Palace. At the end of the chapter, Marco finally finds a job at an elderly gentleman as a live-in companion. So he is able to move out and doesn’t depend on Zimmers help anymore.

Karolina Zakieta

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